The World Curry Expo is organised by the Curry Life Magazine and Curry Life Events. Curry Life is the long-established voice of Indian and Bangladeshi restaurants in Great Britain. It reaches to some 10,000 Indian restaurants in the UK alone, with an estimated readership of over 100,000. Over the last 15 years Curry Life Magazine has established deep-rooted trust and strong relationship with those working in the Hospitality and Catering Sector.

For a more than a decade, the Curry Life Magazine has been successfully organising food festivals, exhibitions, curry competitions and awards ceremonies in different countries, including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, USA, Middle East, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.



London is the home of the biggest multi-cultural communities in Europe, if not the world. There are more curry restaurants in Greater London than in Mumbai, New Delhi and Dhaka combined!

London was the home for the first Indian Restaurant in Britain. In 1809, the British Indian entrepreneur Sake Dean Mahomed opened the first Indian Restaurant called the Hindustani Coffee House located in London’s Portman Square.

The first Indian restaurant to attract native Londoners was Veeraswamy’s Restaurant in London’s Regent Street, which was opened by Edward Palmer in 1927. The Veeraswamy is still trading today.

The Indian Dish, Coronation Chicken, was created to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

The ‘curry industry’ is worth £4.5 billion and accounts for two thirds of all eating out. The UK Indian restaurants get through more than 200,000 tonnes of rice a year and about a million people in Britain eat curry every day. The UK curry lovers munch nearly four million pappadoms a week.

There are around 12,000 Indian restaurants in Britain serving more than three million customers a year. The average Brit will blow £34,070 on curry in their lifetime, a 2011 survey revealed.

Researchers found the typical adult splashes out £8.19-a-head on the spicy stuff each week – including takeaways, ingredients and sauces – totaling £425 a year.